Features & Services

Connected Car Platform

Tantalum Connected Car Platform
Vehicle Health Tracking
Driver Score Monitor
Log Journeys
Track Fuel Usage & Wastage
Stolen Vehicle Tracking
Automated Crash Alert
Engine Diagnostics

Rich Integrated Ecosystem of Services

Rich Services that Save You Money Convenient Services that Save You Time Safety Features
On Demand Breakdown Repair as a Service Family Tracking
Real-Time Vehicle Valuation & Marketplace Automated Fuel Payments Stolen Vehicle Tracking
Intelligent Automated Insurance Search – UBI and Standard Automated Toll / Taxation Payment eCall / Emergency Dispatch
Automated Parking Ticket Defence Parking Finder & Automated Payment Accident Management


Tantalum Ecosystem


Virtual Mechanic

Stay one step ahead of  the mechanic – your car knows what is wrong and can notify you.

  • Automatic maintenance reminders to keep your car in the best condition
  • Sensors monitor your car’s ‘health’
  • Detects car faults and creates alerts
  • Prioritises issues –  minor or serious

Accident Detection

Dedicated to keeping you and your family safe in case of an accident.

  • Live-monitoring including immediate collision detection
  • Immediate accident concierge call to check you are safe and can alert emergency services, your family and more
  • Provides in depth accident reports ready for your insurer

Breakdown On-Demand

You no longer need an expensive annual policy. Save money with a pay-when-you-breakdown coverage service.

  • National Coverage
  • Live ETA and tow-truck tracking
  • Easily call a taxi or family member to pick you up