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What We Do

We make your journey easier and more connected: we collaborate to build and define your connected vehicle strategies, helping our customers to benefit from a comprehensive connected car ecosystem, with our award-winning vehicle data platform and services.


Unlock the vehicle’s digital potential

Our open platform augments the connected vehicle experience by deploying patented technology via a simple yet powerful user experience. Data filtered through deep analytics, gives the user meaningful insights to improve the driving experience, reduce the cost of motoring and to improve safety, during journeys and beyond.

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An ecosystem of services that drivers actually want

We have curated the most innovative and relevant vehicle services and integrated them all into one platform. Our ecosystem of services drives the adoption of connected vehicle programs, powering daily engagement and monetisation. It is readily available through our open platform via SDK and APIs, and the white-labelled user app. Partnerships with a number of providers deliver relevant services such as roadside assistance, automated insurance, parking, accident management, and many other services that focus on safety, convenience or saving time and money.

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All vehicle related payments in one place

Pay.Car is the first end-to-end invoicing, billing, and CRM platform for connected vehicles. It provides integration into core services and the ability for one-click payments driving monetization and generating a single bill for all car services whether everyday parking or in-car entertainment. A truly seamless, in-vehicle payment experience.

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Technology to combat pollution

We are committed to helping the world through technology. With patents for real-time CO2 emissions and an Innovate UK funded project for real-time NOx emissions calculations, Tantalum are at the forefront of creating innovative solutions to crucial industry and global issues in the connected car.

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Awarded for our Commitment to Innovation