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Change today and tomorrow: Tantalum responds to London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s transport strategy

Connected Car leader wants London to embrace new technology to improve the health of millions of people today

London, UK, 2 October 2017: Tantalum Corporation, a British business and leading innovator in the connected car space, has submitted its deadline day response to the Mayor of London’s draft Transport Strategy.

Speaking from Tantalum’s London office, Ozgur Tohumcu, CEO of Tantalum said, “Sadiq Khan’s strategy gets a lot of things right.  We support his ideas around cleaning up London’s air quality (which is illegally high) and reducing congestion.  But at Tantalum, we want London to embrace much more fully what connected car technology has to offer today, rather than in 15 years’ time.

We fully support the Mayor’s proposals of a “pay-as-you-pollute” model, but the technology to monitor real time emissions is available now and can quickly help local authorities start to make a real difference to the health of millions of people. Tantalum is committed to working as closely as possible with the relevant agencies to promote this technology.

As well as providing live feedback on emissions, the technology also allows for drivers to consciously adapt their driving habits to reduce emissions. In 2021 when the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is expanded, this will be much fairer on those who can’t afford to sell their diesels yet, but who want to drive in a more emissions friendly way and get rewarded for doing so.

Sadiq Khan says ‘London is open’. I live in London and couldn’t agree more, but it has to include being open to new ideas around technology as well. Having recently opened a new office in Silicon Valley, I’ve seen first-hand how technology and ambition can make a real difference to people’s lives. We look forward to our response informing the final transport strategy, due to be published in its final form in 2018.”


About Tantalum Corporation

Tantalum Corporation (“Tantalum”) is a leading innovator in the connected car space as an end-to-end services provider. As a best-in-class technology company, and building on proven value propositions, Tantalum’s mission is to offer the most innovative and open marketplace for aggregation and monetisation of vehicle-related services.

Tantalum’s proposition is concentrated around ‘the connected vehicle’ – a £400bn global market, with an addressable market of over 700mn vehicles. Basing its proposition on proven deliverables, including fuel savings (average 12% and up to 22%), reduction in insurance claims of up to 53%, reduction of emissions by up to 20%, and the recovery of over £500m in stolen vehicles.

To drive the connected vehicle market forward, Tantalum has engaged with trusted partners to create the next generation “go-to” global ecosystem for the connected vehicle. Tantalum has built a device-agnostic platform to be integrated with non-proprietary platforms such as Android and iOS smartphones; and for in-vehicle embedded solutions, included in autonomous vehicles. Tantalum reliably connects its data and billing platform to customers’ value chains. Customers include telecom operators, auto manufacturers, insurance underwriters and brokers, government agencies and consumers.

Tantalum’s partners include global technology and automotive leaders: Samsung, TomTom, ATOS Worldline, SAP, PwC, Jaguar Land Rover and TNT.

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