Create Lasting Customer Relationships

Connect with customers by building the experiences they need, while utilising Big Data to drive innovation and shape the future of the connected vehicle.

Tantalum Is For You

We can customise our products to offer the best options for our customers, using our award-winning platforms.

Telecom Operators

Our platform provides an ideal solution for telecom operators to execute their Automotive IoT and connectivity strategy. Our device agnostic solution drives customer engagement, new subscription revenues, reduces churns and increases opportunities for cross-selling.

Auto OEMs

Safely monetize data collected by connected vehicles whilst providing unrivalled functionality and embedded user experiences to your vehicle users. Our open platform, user app, in-vehicle services and Pay.Car functionality open new horizons for Auto OEMs for customer engagement. Our platform can support embedded connectivity and our services can run on any existing platform you may have via a single integration point.


A cost effective Connected Car solution to power your UBI program. Innovative integration between services and Pay.Car allows greater adoption and elevated value recognition for policy holders. Data collected gives greater control over live time risk analysis and claims, whilst driving customer retention and delivering a differentiated user experience.

Governments & Cities

Air.Car offers the first truly fair way to reduce emissions and charge drivers for the pollution that they create. It enables people to avoid high-pollution or high-risk areas such as schools, while rewarding those who drive efficiently and look after their vehicles.

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