Innovation Delivered to Your Car

Our cloud-based platform enables infrastructure services and connectivity offering seamless, deeply integrated services, based upon our extensive 20 years of expertise in automotive.

Hardware Agnostic

Tantalum offers a hardware and platform agnostic solution, which can be customised to meet your needs. We have integrated our platform with many devices; and with our own in-house experience of high-specification devices over the past twenty years, we can offer the best integration possible - to a single device or to the whole connected home.

Open APIs & SDKs

Our cloud-based platform enables innovation through open APIs and SDKs, providing a quality infrastructure for the wider marketplace. This allows for deep integration within an app, creating the best possible experience.

Big Data & Analytics

Providing analytics is at the core of Tantalum’s proposition. Using AI and computer-learning systems, we can provide insights that are timely, subtle and useful, providing quick feedback to users of the platform. Different tools combine with our proprietary algorithms and technology to ‘learn’ about the user, improving features over time.

Secure Platform

Tantalum’s cloud-native platform is proven to be scalable and secure to millions of devices. All of our systems have been designed from the ground up with security in mind. We use a layered security architecture, with defence in depth. We combine components together using a single comprehensive security strategy. All technologies are first considered from a security viewpoint.

White Labelled Solutions

Tantalum can fully incorporate brand design guidelines and strategy into the platform.

All functions and features are fully customisable: our ecosystem of services can also be integrated into existing applications on a selective basis - allowing you to create the best solution.

Our Air.Car and Pay.Car platforms can also be integrated with your current systems, allowing you to create the best connected car experience possible.

Our Platform, Branded To You

Tantalum can give you the leading connected car experience and, even better, make it truly yours. With a completely white labelled approach, you can decide the true look and feel of the platform, to make it fit perfectly to your brand.