Manage and Automate all your Vehicle Purchases

What Is Pay.Car

Pay.Car is the world’s first dedicated end-to-end billing, payment and data management platform for connected vehicles. It provides a robust, secure and scalable transaction platform to drive growth, adoption and monetisation of the connected car, storing financial details securely and providing customers with one combined, easy-to-read bill for all the services used. Ensuring that service providers can maximise the new revenue opportunities presented by the connected car, Pay.Car is also unique in its ability to share revenue across service providers.

PAY.CAR includes:

  • Event-driven marketing
  • Invoicing, Billing & Payments
  • CRM
  • Data mediation
  • Payments and Commission Management
  • Data analytics
  • Fraud management


Customer Engagement

With Pay.Car, there is a full end-to-end journey in the connected car. For the first time, in-car searches, billing, payments and CRM can be undertaken through one platform, offering the best customer engagement tool possible.

One Click Payments

One-click payments for services and car-related expenses provides a simple and intuitive solution, enabling secure and fast transactions without the need for long processes or cash transactions.

Monetised Services

Pay.Car has monetised the connected car, by allowing revenue-share agreements for individual services and the ability to tailor offerings towards customers.

Revenue Sharing

With one payment platform, revenue sharing becomes simple. Each share is processed by Pay.Car and sent to the appropriate company.