Tantalum and AutinGO Partner to Deliver Connected-Car Automotive Services Platform

London – March 15, 2018 – Today, Tantalum Corporation announced it has partnered with AutinGO to deliver an automotive repair and maintenance services platform to wireless carriers and auto manufacturers in Europe. Tantalum’s Connected Car platform, integrated seamlessly with the AutinGO marketplace, connects motor vehicles with a nationwide network of over 35,000 automotive service providers in Spain. Future plans include expansions into Italy, France, Portugal and a number of other countries.

In just a couple of clicks from a friendly and easy to use interface, the Tantalum-AutinGO platform allows vehicle owners to request specific services or describe problems they experience with their vehicle, receive hassle-free competitive service pricing from multiple automotive service providers nearby, select providers that best meet their needs (e.g. distance, price, reviews) and book service appointments.

Vehicles with an illuminated dashboard indicator (e.g. check engine light or oil level) or a maintenance interval due notice will receive notifications from the Tantalum-AutinGO solution, guiding the vehicle owner to nearby automotive service providers. In the case of a dashboard indicator, the solution will offer an explanation of the issue along with pricing information from local shops, to help users select and book a service appointment. A history of service is also maintained for the vehicle by the platform.

As the Tantalum-AutinGO platform evolves it will also offer vehicle owners an easier way to pay for these services, through Tantalum’s payment and CRM platform, Pay.Car. Pay.Car is the world’s first dedicated end-to-end billing, payment and data management platform for connected vehicles. It offers increased customer engagement opportunities, one-click payments for services, car-related expenses, and revenue sharing. Pay.Car has many further functionalities. Some examples include showing and processing customer offers and promotions, real-time catalogue pricing changes based on country or branding, or advising customers on subscriptions renewals. Pay.Car extends its global capabilities to the whole array of IoT services and markets, such as home, personal and travel insurance, home repair services, and many more.

Ozgur Tohumcu, CEO of Tantalum, commented, “Our partnership with AutinGO will provide our customers with the best online auto repair network in Spain. AutinGO’s nationwide coverage, their high service quality and pricing transparency will give savings and peace of mind to our customers. This partnership is another important milestone for Tantalum as we build out both our global vehicle services ecosystem and our presence in the European market.”

 “We have been providing repair and maintenance services for the automotive industry for over 50 years and I believe the Tantalum-AutinGO collaboration will further enhance our ability to deliver a much needed service to the connected-car marketplace in Spain by instantly offering access to a nationwide network of automotive repair facilities,” said Pedro Sanz, founder and CEO of AutinGO. “Vehicle owners want the process of getting their vehicles serviced to be convenient, transparent, in real-time, efficient and with no price hassle. This is exactly what we will be able to offer in collaboration with Tantalum”.

About Tantalum

Tantalum Corporation (“Tantalum”) is a leading innovator in the connected car space as an end-to-end services provider. As a best-in-class technology company, and building on proven value propositions, Tantalum’s mission is to offer the most innovative and open marketplace for aggregation and monetisation of vehicle-related services.

To drive the connected vehicle market forward, Tantalum has engaged with trusted partners to create the next generation “go-to” global ecosystem for the connected vehicle. Tantalum has built a device-agnostic platform to be integrated with non-proprietary platforms such as Android and iOS smartphones; and for in-vehicle embedded solutions, included in autonomous vehicles. Tantalum reliably connects its data and billing platform to customers’ value chains. Customers include telecom operators, auto manufacturers, insurance underwriters and brokers, government agencies and consumers.

Tantalum’s partners include global technology and automotive leaders: Samsung, TomTom, ATOS Worldline, SAP, PwC, Jaguar Land Rover and TNT.

About AutinGO

AutinGO comes from a strong automotive industry pedigree with over 50 years of experience as one of the main tier 1 brand vehicle spare parts distributors in Spain. Today it also offers a cutting edge online SaaS marketplace which is transforming the experience for automotive repair and services for consumers, and the way that automotive care businesses acquire and service customers. AutinGO is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is privately held, and offers access to over 35,000 repair shops.



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