Tantalum Recognised as a ‘Pioneering Smart City Company to Watch’ by TechNative

Tantalum have been recognised as a pioneering company in the Smart City space by business technology news site TechNative.

Tantalum’s award-winning Air.Car project was the focus, a project intent on helping cities improve air quality and traffic flows via ‘smart technology’. Air.Car does this by assisting with finding parking, reducing pollution through improved driver behaviour and offering in-car payments through Tantalum’s proprietary payment platform, Pay.Car.

Their list of ‘14 Pioneering Smart Cities Companies to Watch’ features a broad list of innovative companies working on concepts and projects spanning from electric helicopters and jets to smart sensors for city waste management.

Please find TechNative’s article at: https://www.technative.io/14-pioneering-smart-cities-companies-to-watch/