Tantalum welcomes dynamic road pricing report

London, 24 January 2018

Tantalum Corporation, the leading connected car technology provider has welcomed a report released by the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) entitled Funding Roads for the Future.

The report which is released today (24 January 2018) highlights the extent to which developments in connected car technology offers policy makers the opportunity to make changes which are fairer and better reflect changing attitudes and social trends.

Commenting on the report, Ozgur Tohumcu Tantalum’s CEO said, “We welcome ACE’s intervention into the debate around what changes in connected car technology can offer in the field of road pricing.  This area has, understandably, been pretty unpalatable to voter-drivers and therefore to policy makers too.  But as we have seen in the field of emissions and our Air.Car product, legislators are coming to understand that connected vehicles with GPS, a SIM card and a payments capability present a range of totally new possibilities to tackle real problems such as congestion, air quality, parking, affordable car insurance and whiplash fraud.  The potential here is enormous.  From a technology standpoint, Tantalum could do what ACE is recommending today.”