our origins lie in

Automotive Modelling and Power Train Analytics

Tantalum is a fast growing technology innovator in the connected vehicle market with more than 1 million vehicles connected to its systems. Created by combining Lysanda, experts in automotive R&D, and Tracker, a UK telematics company who have been in the market for 20 years, Tantalum has IP and expertise in:

  • Real time driver analytics and feedback (patented models and algorithms)
  • Embedded software
  • Ensuring accuracy and optimisation across vehicle types
  • Building solutions to Thatcham and Vehicle Certification Agency certification

Models & Algorithms

Tantalum specialises in extracting and interpreting data from vehicles using its patented models, algorithms and libraries:

  • Auto-calibration, fuel, risk and driver behaviour models are proven as ‘best in class’, providing intelligence to devices (e.g., devices automatically learn the vehicles they are installed in).
  • “On-device” analytics (patented & cross referenced) enables real-time feedback to drivers – permitting reduced fuel costs – without the constant need to push/pull data from servers.
  • In addition to US standards, models meet European OEM specifications / eOBD compliance standards (a complex, fragmented market compared with the more standardised US market). Most US providers struggle to transfer their knowledge to Europe.
  • Models are kept up to date as new vehicles are introduced to market
  • Testing and refining (through rigorous “dyno” and in-field testing) models is a constant discipline required to maintain accuracy and market leadership. We have worked with all leading brands and vehicle sizes (passenger vehicles, LCVs, HGVs)

Software, Data Management & Analytics

Tantalum aggregates data from various sources, enhances it with external data and with output from our models, then uses the results to develop unique and valuable insights for the end user, both about the vehicle and how it is driven. This includes fault codes and AFNOL (Automatic First Notification Of Loss). Our portal visualises this data and can be customised to integrate any additional data source.

Tantalum’s Core Capability

Proven Experience

Tantalum has over 20 years experience of connecting with vehicles and supporting in-car devices – with >1m installations and 535,000 devices currently active. Tantalum is not a start up.

Best In Class Connected Specialists

Tantalum’s expertise comes from years of accumulated R&D, experience and refined engineering testing. We have developed patented best-in-class fuel and C02 management, risk analysis and behavioural algorithms and analytics.

Secure, Trusted Partner

Tantalum is the only company in the UK supported nationwide by the police force to recover stolen vehicles, with a highly skilled team having experience in the secure environments that satisfy Interpol, The Home Office, GCHQ, insurance and Police criteria.

Automotive Pedigree & Innovation

Tantalum’s origins are rooted in automotive. It relishes engineering excellence and our awards are testimony to our record of innovation. All products are VCA (Vehicles Certification Authority) and Thatcham certified.

a wide range of

Powerful Partners

Tantalum has a long standing relationship with numerous companies in a variety of sectors and currently works alongside them to support their IoT strategies, adding value through Tantalum’s automotive know-how and proven solutions, integrating into their selected platforms to provide end-to-end solutions, and reducing their time to market.


Smart Cities

As a result of our capabilities to offer real time, accurate emissions monitoring, Tantalum is working with the City of London to put in place a “PAY AS YOU POLLUTE” scheme for all government vehicles. The Tantalum solution will enable:

  • Improved traffic management
  • Improved public transport
  • Cleaner cities

Once the case is proven in London, further rollouts in to other European cities are anticipated to help meet EU standards on pollution.


Since 1993, Tracker has fitted over a million market-leading security, award-winning fleet management and vehicle tracking telematics systems to vehicles, including passenger cars, motorcycles, HGVs, LCVs, plant and construction equipment. Working with police forces around the country, Tracker has to date recovered over £479 million worth of stolen vehicles and continues to recover, on average, £1 million worth of stolen vehicles each month.