Air pollution in urban areas
is a growing problem around the world

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What is Air.Car ?

The UK Government is soon to publish its new action plan to improve air quality with an expected increased number of Clean Air Zones around the country.

World-leading engineering university Imperial College London will assist in developing and verifying Tantalum’s ability to accurately estimate NOx emissions. Once completed, Tantalum’s system will help to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions, saving drivers fuel and maintenance costs while hugely reducing the environmental impact of their vehicles. Tantalum’s real-time CO2 emissions product has already helped customers save an average of 15% in fuel costs through better driving and this could also reduce NOx emissions by up to 50%.

Tantalum’s solution can be connected to any vehicle’s on-board computer. Combining the emissions data streams with the vehicle’s location and driver behaviour will inform drivers, fleet owners and public authorities of the real environmental impact of individual vehicles.

A major part of Tantalum’s Air.Car project is a 1,000 vehicle trial starting in autumn, to test and fine tune the solution. Tantalum is recruiting fleets from the public and commercial sectors as part of this trial, which will run within London and other UK cities where Clean Air Zones are to be established.

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