NOx emissions lead to Nitrogen Oxide, an irritant that affects lung development in children, responsible for almost 6000 deaths a year in London. Tantalum is researching accurate estimation of connected vehicle’s real-time environmental impact with Imperial College London, partially funded by a £1.4m grant from the UK Government.

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What Is Air.Car

Using IoT and Smart City technology, Tantalum’s award-winning Air.Car project will deliver the ability to drive a greater understanding of vehicle pollution, while enabling the reduction of environmental impact and vehicle operation costs. Clean Air Zones and London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zones are being developed, and Air.Car’s NOx emissions estimation will give users the information to measure, manage and reduce their impact in real-time, saving fuel and money.

Working With


Air.Car can be used to measure the pollution in Clean Air Zones allowing simple, effective and fair charging of individuals on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis, while also encouraging the reduction of pollution in the worst-hit zones. Other benefits include:

Save Fuel

By showing the user information about their driving and pollution, Air.Car can help change driver behaviour, while suggesting alternative routes to avoid polluted or busy areas.

Reduce Emissions

Together with our fuel usage analytics Air.Car will give users the information to measure, manage and reduce their environmental impact in real time. Our technology can improve fuel efficiency by more than 15 per cent and NOx emissions can be halved through better driving.

Driver Behaviour Improved

With Clean Air Zone and Ultra-Low Emission Zone charging being implemented, Air.Car will enable fair charging, increased ability to see the cost of journeys, while also improving driver behaviour through accurate and useful information on journeys.

London Air Pollution

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The data represents current air pollution in detail across London in comparison with the UK Government’s Daily Air Quality Index.

This information has been obtained from the Environmental Research Group of Kings College London (, using data from the London Air Quality Network ( This information is licensed under the terms of the Open Government Licence.


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